Welcome to the Sydney season

It’s my very great pleasure to welcome you to the Sydney season of Pop-up Globe.

We are proud to present four critically-acclaimed productions, all made in-house by our professional acting ensemble, supported by voice, movement and stage combat specialists, designers, scenic artists, production and stage managers, directors and academics, and wearing beautiful costumes created specially for these productions by our wardrobe department.

To our own surprise and delight, Pop-up Globe has become an international smash hit, with our season in Melbourne – running concurrently with the 2017/18 Auckland season – twice extended and the subject of both critical and popular acclaim.

Our in-house productions are performed in repertory by two acting companies that perform two plays each. In our 2018 Sydney season we will employ thirty actors from around the world in our ensemble on professional contracts, supported by administrative and creative teams comprising some sixty people.

We are actor focussed, and we are committed to the practice of actors working in an ensemble of equals. We do not cast the ensemble on a ‘star’ basis. We operate a colour-blind casting policy. We are also committed to repertory theatre, where one company of actors makes two productions. This gives our audiences interesting insights in performances across two productions by the same company, and means that all members of the ensemble have a range of parts during a season.

Because we believe that amazing things happen when actors from different backgrounds, cultures and nations work together, we will always look to recruit actors, support and creative team members from around the world.
Most importantly, we believe that the most important group in the theatre are the audience. All of our work is audience-centric and seeks to give each audience member an engaging and enjoyable experience at the theatre. We hope you enjoy our Sydney season, and we are grateful for the generous support of Live Nation, NAB, The Entertainment Quarter and The Sydney Morning Herald without whom this season would not be possible.

I hope you have a wonderful time here with us at Pop-up Globe, and with four productions of some of the greatest plays in history on this spring.

Dr Miles Gregory

CEO, Artistic Director & Founder

Pop-up Globe