When booking your ticket use the interactive seating map to best select the ideal location for you. No matter where you stand or sit you’ll be no further than 15 metres from the action. Peak pricing applies to Thursday and Friday evening performances, afternoon and evening performances on Saturdays and Sundays, and the gala opening on Wednesday 9 October. Off-peak pricing applies to all weekday GA matinees, Saturday morning matinees and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening performances.

VIP Premium seat experience – Middle Gallery
Pop-up Globe’s VIP Premium seat experience is the ultimate experience of Pop-up Globe. Each package includes:

– One (1) A Reserve seat in the middle of the Middle Gallery offering stunning views of the action onstage and the theatre.
– One (1) official Pop-up Globe Perth season programme
– One (1) complimentary glass of sparkling wine on arrival
– One (1) Pop-up Globe commemorative laminate
– An exclusive Pop-up Globe VIP gift
– Onsite VIP host

A Reserve – Lower Gallery and Middle Gallery – Covered, with stairs to climb
Pop-up Globe’s A Reserve seats are the best seats in the house. A Reserve seats are backed chairs, located in front of the stage on the middle gallery, or immediately adjacent the stage on the lower gallery. They offer stunning views of the action onstage and the theatre.

B Reserve –Middle Galleries – Covered, with stairs to climb
Pop-up Globe’s B Reserve seats are located in the middle of the middle gallery. These are backed chairs with sight line restrictions from structural pillars.

C Reserve – Lower Gallery
On the lower gallery, Pop-up Globe’s C Reserve seats are in the heart of the theatre and perfect for those wanting to experience everything up close. C Reserve seats offer an extraordinary experience surrounded by hundreds of audience members in the thick of the action, with views over the heads of the Groudlings standing in front of the stage. These are bench seats with a cushion for comfort provided. Please note these benches do not have backs.Rows A and B are uncovered seats in the yard, open to the elements, and offer one of the most unique experiences at the playhouse – you’ll be literally sitting in the middle of the action. Rows C to F are covered, with a small number of steps to climb.

C Reserve – Middle Gallery
On the middle gallery, Pop-up Globe’s C Reserve seats are adjacent the edge of the stage and offer a unique view of both the action on stage and the audience in the rest of the playhouse. These seats are a secret gem, offering some of the best view of audience members’ reactions to the action on stage, including unexpected spatterings of blood and other liquids across the Groundlings. These seats are covered, with one set of stairs to climb.

C Reserve, Upper Gallery
On the upper gallery Pop-up Globe’s C Reserve seats offer stunning views of the stage. They provide the same view as the A Reserve seats on the gallery below, from a slightly more elevated perspective.

D Reserve – Lower Gallery, Middle, Upper Galleries with stairs to climb and covered.
Pop-up Globe’s D Reserve seats offer the lowest priced seats in the house. Located all over the theatre they offer either excellent views from a little further from the action on stage, or the most unique seated experiences in the playhouse.

The D Reserve seats adjacent the stage in the lower gallery are for the true fans who want to literally be part of the action on stage. They give an actors’ perspective of the playhouse and audience. Be warned – you’ll be on stage and as visible as the actors, and may find yourself part of the performance.

The lower and middle gallery D Reserve bays for 2 are a wonderful date night experience looking out over the stage and into the audience. D Reserve seats in the lower gallery are backless benches with a cushion, except those adjacent the stage which are backed seats.

In the middle and upper gallery D Reserve are covered seats with stairs to climb. In the lower gallery there are also D Reserve seats are located in two bays on either side of the stage. These seats give you a side view of the action on stage and an actors perspective of the audience.

Groundlings GA – Standing. Uncovered
Pop-up Globe’s standing GA area, otherwise known as the ‘Groundlings’, is one of the best spots in the theatre. Standing in the yard right in front of the stage, you cannot get closer to the action!

Just like the yard in Shakespeare’s day, this is an involved and exciting place to watch from with the actors often directly interacting with the ‘Groundlings’.
The yard is uncovered and open to the elements, with a beautiful view of the sky. Pop-up Globe is an all-weather venue so the performance will continue regardless of the weather. We advise you bring a raincoat and a close-fitting hat as umbrellas are not permitted in the yard. Groundlings’ tickets, like all tickets, are available on the door – subject to availability. We recommend buying in advance.

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